This is the development site for ECLOP. Here you can find source code, documentation, tickets and the current roadmap for development.


ECLOP is a small Eiffel class library for specifying and parsing command line options and arguments. To use it in your Eiffel program you need to

  1. Write a command line option specification in the form of an Eiffel literal STRING
  2. Create an instance of COMMAND_LINE_SYNTAX and give it the specification.
  3. Create an instance of COMMAND_LINE_PARSER and give it the COMMAND_LINE_SYNTAX instance.
  4. Give the COMMAND_LINE_PARSER the command line arguments your program has been invoked with.
  5. Write logic to investigate which actual options, option values and arguments where given.

ECLOP was submitted to the programming contest Class Struggle 2003 where it won a silver medal.

Copyright and License

ECLOP is copyright Paul Cohen.

ECLOP is licensed under the Eiffel Forum License, version 2. See  Why the Eiffel Forum License is Awesome for a good summary of why we chose that license.

Starting points

If you wish to use ELDAP or contribute you should first read the  Seibo Eiffel instructions and recommendations.

  • Compile and build environment: <TBD>
  • Platform and dependencies: <TBD>
  • Architecture and modules: <TBD>
  • Installation and configuration: <TBD>
  • Examples: <TBD>
  • References: <TBD>


Source code

You can browse the source code here and you can check out the source code code (assuming you want the main development trunk) with:

svn checkout tech.seibostudios.se/svn/eclop/trunk eclop-dev

The above command will check out the code to the local directory 'eclop-dev'.


Release tar.gz zip Comments
0.2.0 eclop-0.2.0.tar.gz eclop-0.2.0.zip -
0.1.1 eclop-0.1.1.tar.gz eclop-0.1.1.zip -
0.1.0 eclop-0.1.0.tar.gz eclop-0.1.0.zip -